Sulphur Springs, TX

Metal Buildings for Sale in Sulphur Springs, TX

Sulphur Springs, TX is conveniently located halfway between Dallas and Texarkana in beautiful northeast Texas. Our motto is Just Play. Have Fun. Celebrate! We take that motto pretty seriously, too! And another thing that residents and businesses of this area agree upon is how valuable it is to own a customizable metal building. Winslows Custom Buildings of Sulphur Springs has your needs covered!

We provide custom metal buildings and metal building kits for every residential, agricultural, and commercial application. We offer metal carports, metal garages, and metal barns, and we also sell pole barns and portable buildings, too!

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    Custom Buildings We Provide at Winslows

    Different situations and settings require different building solutions, and Winslows is here to provide you with plenty of great building options to meet your needs.
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      Metal Buildings

      If you’re in the market for a metal carport, metal garage, metal barn, or metal shed, we’ve got them for you. Looking for a custom metal building kit, you can assemble and install yourself? Winslows has those too. If it’s a metal structure you need in Texas, Oklahoma, or Louisiana, we’ve got you covered. Come see what we have to offer at one of our many convenient retail outlets!

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      Wooden Buildings

      Interested in a pole barn, portable building, or other wood-framed structure? We’ve been providing those for years, as well! Winslows offers a great variety of wooden buildings which can be utilized for all sorts of practical purposes. We have retail outlets in central Texas, east Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, and we’ve now opened locations in Arkansas and Colorado as well!

    Ways You Can Customize Your Winslows Custom Metal Building

    Our name is Winslows Custom Buildings for a reason. You can customize your new building any way you like, and that includes our tough, rugged metal buildings too. Here are just a few of your metal building customization options.

    1. Size : Choose whatever size of metal building will best suit your needs. Our carports, garages, and barns start out at 12’ wide, and can go as wide as you need. You’ve got options when it comes to building length and height, too. We’re here to meet your metal building dimension requirements.
    2. Roof Style : Not all buildings are alike, and not all building roofs are the same, either. Here are some popular roof styles we offer at Winslows:
    • Regular Roof : Regular roof metal buildings offer traditionally familiar, rounded curves, and come standard with horizontal paneling on the roof and sides. Regular roofs are also the most affordable option when it comes to metal building roof styles.
    • A-Frame Horizontal Roof : Many customers prefer the angled look of an A-frame (or boxed-eave) roof for their metal building, since it more closely resembles the look of a typical home roof. And like the regular roof, an A-frame roof also features horizontal paneling.
    • Vertical Roof : Vertical roofs are built on an A-frame, but they also include stronger reinforcements, and feature vertical paneling as well. These roofs do a great job of directing away both precipitation and debris, and are our strongest metal roofing option.
    1. Steel Gauge : 14-gauge is the default standard for steel building framing, but you can also choose to go with a thicker 12-gauge if you want an even stronger building. You’ve also got steel gauge options for your roof paneling and side paneling, as well.
    2. Doors & Windows : Want to include some roll-up doors or walk-in doors for your metal building? We’ve got you covered, and we also offer the option to include some windows that are both visually attractive and fully functional.
    3. Colors : Who says a metal building has to be boring? We certainly don’t, and you have a range of colors available for you to choose from for your roof paneling, side panels, and trim. You can even opt for a two-tone wainscot look if that’s what you really like.
    4. Building Anchors : If you want to install your building on concrete or asphalt, you certainly can. But you can also elect to install on gravel or plain level ground. We’ve got building anchors to secure your building to practically any surface.
    5. Certification : Does your area require metal building certification? If so, we’re happy to oblige. But either way, there’s a certain peace of mind that comes along with owning a certified metal structure. We can meet any required wind or snow loads for your installation location.

    Metal Building Prices in Sulphur Springs, TX

    We understand that when it comes to purchasing a metal building, price matters to you in Sulphur Springs, TX. When you choose to partner with Winslows, rest assured that you'll get the best price quote possible for your metal building, and we'll be happy to put it in writing, too. Clear communication and transparency is important to us, and it’s something that our customers appreciate as well. Whenever you visit one of our showroom locations, you’ll find that building prices are clearly marked on each model. This makes it easier for you to compare features and benefits, and make sure you’re getting the best building at the best price to meet your particular needs.

    Metal Building Financing and RTO Options with Winslows

    Perhaps you don’t have the full building purchase price in hand up front, and would like to explore your financing or rent-to-own options. At Winslows, we get it, and we’re here to provide you with affordable solutions.


    Get the building you need today, with monthly payments you can actually afford:

    • 100% building financing available (with approved credit)
    • You can finance the FULL cost of your new building with no worries
    • Financing available for up to $50,000 building purchase cost
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    Rent to Own

    Start out as a building renter, then transition to become the owner of your new metal carport, metal garage, metal barn, or other metal building!

    • No credit checks required
    • Same-day RTO financing approval
    • Affordable monthly payments
    • Low down payments
    • Pay off your balance early with no penalty
    • RTO available up to $10,000 building purchase price
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    Metal Building Kits Available in Sulphur Springs, TX with Winslows

    What’s better about a custom metal building kit from Winslows? First of all, it’s manufactured to the same standards as any building we’d have installed for you. The main difference is that by choosing to pick up your own building materials and install them yourself, you can purchase your new building at an additional discount. And each metal building kit we provide includes all the building materials you’ll need for a successful installation. Here’s what our metal building kits include:

    • Square steel tubing members and supports
    • Metal roofing panels, in your choice of color
    • Pre-welded components for easy assembly
    • Side paneling options, in your choice of color
    • All needed fastening hardware, nuts, & bolts
    • All needed building anchors
    • Optional customization features like roll-up doors, walk-in doors, and windows
    • Optional trim package, in your choice of color
    • Convenient local pickup points

    Connect with Winslows Custom Buildings to Get Your Dream Metal Building in Sulphur Springs, TX Today!

    Why should you choose Winslows Custom Buildings for your residential, commercial, and agricultural metal building needs? There are lots of reasons, but let’s start with this. All of our buildings are locally sourced from our Wills Point, TX location to ensure the absolute best building quality. We install all across our Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana service areas, and we’re happy to make easy-to-assemble metal building kits available for shipping all across the country, as well.

    Here are some other good reasons to choose Winslows:

    • Fair Price
    • Unsurpassed Quality
    • Family Owned Company
    • The Customer Comes First
    • 20-Year Building Warranty
    • Over 100 Retail Locations Across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Colorado
    • Building Sketches Included with Purchase

    There’s no need to wait any longer. Connect with us online, or come see us at a Winslows retail location today!