The regular roof style offered by Winslows Custom Buildings is the most economical design we offer to our customers. It is designed and engineered with horizontal panels that run parallel with the length of the structure. Its rounded-edges gives it a unique look that resembles an older, more traditional barn. And with such simple framing, this roof is the easiest to install.
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Regular Roof Garage Applications

Our regular roof garages at Winslows Custom Buildings are ideal for almost any application imaginable. Many customers who have purchased one of our regular roof style garages use them for parking and sheltering their vehicles. Whether you need a place to store your luxury vehicles, a private studio, additional housing unit, or a workshop, you can design a carport suited to every need you have.

Garage Building for Agricultural Equipment – Trying to maintain your agricultural equipment’s original state can be a difficult task, especially if you do not have proper shelter. With one of our regular metal garages, farmers around the country can store their tractors, hay balers, trucks, and other equipment out of the elements.

Workshop – Having a private, quiet space to go to and get your work done is always nice, especially when you don’t have an in-home office. Our regular roof style garages are a great option for that peace and quiet you desire.

Shelter for Classic Cars – Investments such as classic cars require the best possible shelter you can provide them with. Our regular roof garages provide reliable protection year-round while their versatile design allows you to extend or add on to the structure if needed.

Storage – You can never have too much space to store your belongings in! Whether it’s for yard sale items, clothes you can’t wear, family heirlooms, or decorations, you can store it all away in one of our regular garages.

Features of our Regular Style Garage Buildings

Each customer we encounter has a style that represents who they are. With our variety of customization options, you can design your very own garage that suits your needs, budget, and shows off your unique style. We give you the say in everything we do, from the foundation to the roof. The list below includes some of our most important options:

Roof Styles – Along with our regular roof, we also offer two more styles at Winslows Custom Buildings.

Also known as a boxed-eave or horizontal roof, this A-frame style has paneling similar to the regular roof. It is installed with horizontally-oriented paneling that allows rain, snow, leaves, and other debris to easily slide off the ends of the roof. This style is recommended to customers who live in areas that may have some high winds and light precipitation.

The most popular, top-selling roof design we offer is the vertical style. It has additional framing pieces (ridge caps and a hat channel) that provide additional protection to your property. While it functions properly in all weather conditions, it is engineered for foul weather elements.

Colors – We offer a full palette of colors, some options varying from one location to the next. While you choose the perfect color combination for your new regular roof metal garage, you can also have a 3D visual of the structure with our color planner. This unique tool allows you to make any changes you would like before spending a dime!

Doors – If you would like to increase the security for your belongings or have an easy access point, you should consider having doors installed. We offer roll-up garage doors in various sizes and walk-in doors.

If you would like additional information regarding the mentioned features of our regular roof garages, you can contact one of our building specialists at (800) 636-4700 or visit our website.

Advantages of Regular Roof Metal Garages

Our regular garages provide an ample, fully-enclosed shelter for all your agricultural and residential needs. But there is so much more to these regular metal garages than just storing your property and sheltering your vehicles or farming equipment from the elements.

Attractive Price Tag – With the affordable prices we have here at Winslows Custom Buildings, there’s no need to worry about being able to buy your dream garage. And on top of that, we also offer financing and rent-to-own programs for assistance.

Minimal Maintenance Required – These regular roof style garages don’t require a lot of maintenance. By washing it every few months, making any repairs when needed, and performing maintenance check-ups, your garage can last for years to come!

Custom Sizes – Along with our other customization options, we also give you the opportunity to pick the size of your garage. Keep in mind that your new structure will need to accommodate both current and future needs.

Fire-Resistant – Unlike wooden structures, our galvanized steel framing is not susceptible to fire, rot, or infestations. The fire-resistance of our garages can give you peace of mind while also allowing you to pay less for your insurance.

Simple Installation – These prefab garages are pre-cut and pre-drilled when delivered to your site, making for fast installation.

Regular Roof Garage Prices

There are a few factors to take into consideration when finalizing the price of your new garage; the size of your structure, your site location, added customization options, and the manufacturer. With this information and the partnerships, we have formed with dealers throughout the U.S., we can provide you with an affordable, final cost.

Sizes of Regular Roof Metal Garages

We have a large selection of sizes to choose from when it comes to our regular roof style garages. And while it’s always a good decision to order a structure that is larger than your current needs, you also need to remember that the size of your building will factor into the price.

Order Your Regular Metal Garage from Winslows Custom Buildings

We have options for all our customers at Winslows Custom Buildings, no matter what their needs or budgets may be. Whether you’re just shopping, interested in buying, or know exactly what you want, we are always ready to help in any way that we can. If you’d like to speak with one of our representatives to get started on your custom garage, call us today at (800) 636-4700.