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  • 31 January 2020
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Metal Buildings

Metal Building Maintenance – How to Clean and Check for Damage

All buildings in Greenville, Texas, endure general wear and tear. Whether you’re using your metal building to garage vehicles or store farming equipment, you need to conduct periodic checks and cleanings to preserve its good condition. Read on to learn about how to maintain your metal building so that it provides protection for a long time.

Check the Metal Building

Ideally, you should check your metal building thoroughly twice per year or after a severe weather event. Look for changes that have appeared since your last check and any damage. Follow a routine maintenance schedule that involves a check in the spring and another in the fall, and keep meticulous records of any findings and repairs.

Repair the Metal Building

You should prime and paint scratched metal panels to prevent corrosion in the future. To reduce the risk of scratches, remove anything adjacent to the building that can cause them, like tree branches. Since water is the most common threat to your metal building, you must keep moisture out of the ceiling and walls. That’s because it causes corrosion, bacteria growth and mold, and it can weaken and warp the surface materials while deteriorating the foundation. Repair leaks as soon as you spot them, and eliminate places where water can collect.

Clean the Metal Building

It’s a good idea to wash your metal building once per year, as long as you know the moisture won’t impact the structure. Remove dirt and organic matter to prevent your metal building from becoming blemished or stained. Before washing your metal building, test the cleaning solution in a concealed area to ensure it won’t damage it.

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