What are the site preparations?

Site preparations are the steps you must take to prepare the site for your new custom metal structure that will soon be installed. By following these steps, you’re ensuring the assembly crew can install your new metal building properly. Keep in mind that your site preparation must be complete before your unit can be installed.

Preparation steps to be completed before assembly

Before your metal building can be assembled, you must clear the designated site of any debris or vegetation, have it leveled, and make sure it is accessible to our crew. Our team must be able to access the site within 50 feet or less, or you will be charged additional labor fees. If you prefer not to have a concrete slab poured as the foundation, our installation team will still be able to install your structure as long as your property is level. We recommend using a string line bubble level or other means to check if your site is level before we arrive.

Before installation, you must also obtain any permits that are required in your location your local ordinances can provide more information on this topic. In order for our team to provide a quick and easy installation, you (the customer) are responsible for permits, covenant searches, rights-of-way, setback restrictions, and site preparations. Keep in mind that trees, hills, mud, houses, fences, and outdoor buildings are obstacles that can impede our delivery to your property. It is illegal and unsafe to install a steel structure overhead power lines, so please make sure there are none close to your site. If you neglect to notify your building specialist of these impediments in writing, you can have additional charges added to your final price.

Pad sites

When it comes to building an aesthetically pleasing, functioning structure, pad sites are an important aspect. While we can provide you with tips, we can also provide the assistance you’re your foundation if you live in an area of about 100 miles circumference from Wills Point, Texas. If using crushed concrete or caliche, be sure to build about 8” above grade to create a level pad that water is unlikely to run under or wash out. If your site is level, building 8”’s above grade with crushed concrete or caliche costs around $3.00 per square foot however, this is just an estimate for level sites. Until one of our contractors has looked at your site, we cannot give an exact amount.

If pouring a concrete pad, make sure the pad is poured to the exact dimensions of your steel structure. If working with a dirt pad, there should be at least 5’ to each side, front, and rear; dirt pads usually start around $2.00 per square foot. For example, the dirt pad for a 20×30 building should measure 25’x35’. Homeowners should quickly address any erosion that occurs so that the pad does not wash away after a hard rain; erosion control mats or laying grass work well in situations such as this. Erosion control is NOT Winslows Custom Buildings’ responsibility. Our goal is to provide you with a quality structure at a great price and having a solid foundation is the beginning of that.

Building permits

Installing a new metal structure that does not comply with local, state, and federal building codes is a big mistake. Not only will you have to deal with citations and fines, but you will most likely be required to start from scratch, tearing down all or portions of your building for inspections. This will not only add time to your installation process, but it can become extremely expensive. To save yourself the trouble and headache, speak with your local ordinances and building specialist regarding all building permits and codes BEFORE making a purchase.

Designing & planning

Every good project begins with an idea. And what’s the best way to make that idea come to life? Put it to paper and ask yourself questions such as, “Where will I put the building? What am I going to use it for? How big will I need it to be?” These questions come in handy when meeting with an engineer who will be making the drawings of your structure.

The next part is usually the most fun customizing. When personalizing your custom metal building, keep in mind that you don’t need to overwhelm yourself. While it may be exciting, there is still plenty of time to make changes even after you design your dream building.

Benefits of site preparations

Site preparations can sometimes be a tedious task, taking up your time and halting the installation process. But when you prepare your installation site properly, you’re adding to the lifespan of your structure as well as saving yourself additional work down the road. When site preparation is rushed and not handled correctly, your structure could become easily damaged or end up falling in the near future.

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