In most cases, a fully enclosed garage is the best solution for customers in need of 100% coverage for their property. But what options do those customers have who can’t afford a fully enclosed structure, or simply don’t want the full enclosure? At Winslows Custom Buildings, we offer our open structure pole barns that allow you to expand your outdoor space while saving money!
  • WIDTH30
  • LENGTH40
  • HEIGHT12
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Benefits of Roof Only Pole Barns

Compared to traditional stick-builds and steel-framed structures, our pole barns are well-crafted, long-lasting structures that offer a number of long-term advantages and benefits to our customers.

Affordable – These post-frame structures can be built at just a fraction of the cost of a traditional wooden barn. You can also save yourself some money on labor fees if you prefer to purchase one of our do-it-yourself kits.

Built to Last – Our roof-only pole barns are designed and engineered to last for decades. Between our design team, manufacturing facility in Texas, and professional installers, this structure can provide solutions for years to come.

Open-Space – With no walls to enclose the structures, these roof-only pole barns have an abundance of open space available for use. This generous amount of room opens the door to multiple opportunities and applications for the building.

Quick Build – Depending on the complexity of the structure, your pole barn can be assembled and ready-to-go within the matter of days. They don’t require a certain foundation as they are embedded in the ground with post-holes to secure the load-bearing beams.

Common Uses for Top-Only Pole Barns

Despite what some people may think, our post-frame structures are much more versatile than they may seem. They can be built to custom dimensions, installed in areas with various climates, and used in a variety of ways.

RV and Boat Storage – After spending your hard-earned money on an RV or boat, you’ll want to provide the best possible protection for that investment. With one of our top-only pole barns, you can have peace of mind knowing your property is stored safely under one of our post-frame structures.

Pavilion – Commonly used in large gardens and parks, pavilions make for the perfect shelter on a hot, summer day. This structured style is also used for multiple outdoor concerts.

Patio – Wouldn’t it be nice to relax outdoors and enjoy some fresh air no matter what the weather is like? With one of our roof-only barns as a patio or poolside cabana, you can enjoy those days, perfect weather or not.

Animal Housing – Keeping your pets, livestock, and other animals healthy and happy can sometimes be difficult, especially when they aren’t given proper housing. No matter how many animals you may have, one of our top-only structures can make the perfect horse barn, dog kennel, or shaded area for roaming cattle.

Equipment Storage – As roomy as our post-frame structures are, they are the perfect place to store all your equipment or large vehicles. From tractors, dump trucks, hay balers, and average cars, you can keep them all in tip-top shape with one of these roof-only barns.

Community Building – From parks to churches, to schools and community centers, our roof-only pole barns can be utilized by communities for a variety of uses. Easter egg hunts, concerts, festivals, and other community events can be even more enjoyable with shelter from the hot sun or pouring rain.

Color Options for Top-Only Pole Barns

When customizing the aesthetics of your structure, you need to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the final product. However, this can be difficult when you aren’t sure what the final product will look like. With our unique color planner, you can now see what your chosen colors will look like on your custom building. Between the walls, trim, and roof, you can choose between the ideal color combination or have one color for the entire unit. If you would like assistance during this step of the design process, just contact one of our friendly building specialists today.

Sizes for Roof-Only Pole Barns

There are several factors to be considered when choosing the ideal size of your top-only pole barn, including the size of your site, your budget, and the structure’s intended purpose. Our roof-only post-frame buildings can go up to 40’ wide, with the leg height ranging from 8’ to 16’ tall. However, please keep in mind that our buildings cannot be taller than they are wide, and the size of the structure will factor into the final price of your unit.

Roof-Only Pole Barn Prices

Also known as one of the most economical ways to build, our top-only post-frame structures open the door to a world of savings. Prices can fluctuate based on certain factors, ranging from the size of your structure to the site location, to added customizations, to framing upgrades. However, no matter what changes or upgrades you make to the facility, we always find a way to provide our customers with additional financial help. Such as our two rent-to-own and financing programs, they are two of the best programs in the industry.

Choose Us to Buy Your Quality Pole Barn

Not only do we provide our customers with a wide variety of custom structures to choose from, but we also have a collection of customization options at excellent prices. Here at Winslows Custom Buildings, we put our customers above all else, making them our top priority. Everything is about YOU; what YOU want, what YOU need, the budget YOU have, and everything in between. Come see us at Winslows Custom Buildings if you’re ready to find that dream structure for a fraction of the price! We can meet you at one of our showroom locations in Texas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma, or you can call us today at (800) 636-4700.